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What is Vinted's authenticity policy?

Vinted has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to replicas:

  • All luxury items must show proof* of authenticity or they will be blocked. We may also ask for proof* of authenticity when you list brands that are popular targets for counterfeiters.
  • Suspicious listings will be temporarily blocked and you’ll be asked to provide evidence of authenticity. You can do this by sending proof* of authenticity to our team. 
  • Items that imitate authentic products will be permanently removed.
  • Intentionally listed counterfeit items will be permanently removed and the lister will end be blocked. 
  • Members who repeatedly and intentionally disregard Vinted’s authenticity policy will be permanently blocked.​

*Proof—a photo of the receipt, certificate, tags, logo, pattern, stitching, original packaging, date code, authenticity code or any other information that would help confirm authenticity. 

Good to know: 

  • If you notice a suspicious item, please report it. 
  • Only the actual brand of the item can be mentioned. Naming other brand names violates intellectual property laws and the item may be removed. 
  • Never list an item that you suspect to be counterfeit. This will prevent unwanted attention from brand owners, our team and law enforcement.

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