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Making a bundle offer

If you want to purchase multiple items from a seller, you can make a bundle offer. This approach may also save you some money. You offer a bundle price for at least 2 items in the seller’s closet. Buyers can make bundle offers in any closet by default.

Just like regular offers, once the offer is accepted, the item is reserved for you and the seller expects you to purchase the items. Therefore please make sure you are able to fulfil the payment before you make an offer.

To make a bundle offer:

  • Go to the seller's closet and click on the Make a bundle offer button,
  • Select the items you want to purchase and enter your proposed price,
  • Submit your offer (the hammer symbol).

Note that your bundle offer price does not include shipping or Buyer Protection fees.

The seller will receive your offer and has 72 hours to respond. When the seller accepts your bundle offer, it will be added to your shopping cart and each of the items is automatically marked as sold so that no one else can buy them for the next 24 hours (after 24h your offer will expire). The seller can also make you a counter-offer. In this case, you will need to either accept or make another counter-offer. Beware that if you don't respond within 72h, the seller's counter-offer will expire. 

Once your bundle offer is accepted, our system will estimate shipping fees at checkout. The seller will receive the shipping instructions (and label depending on the shipper you select at checkout) once the purchase is completed.

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