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Refund policy

As a buyer, when you purchase on Vinted, you are covered by the Buyer Protection. This means that if your item does not arrive, or if it arrives damaged or truly not as described, we refund you.

How to benefit from Buyer Protection?

  • If your item arrives damaged or not as described, you have 4 days after the order was marked as "received" to lodge a return request that will be sent to the seller for review and response. If your request is approved (by the seller, or by Vinted if the request is escalated or the seller does not respond), your refund will be processed as soon as the item(s) is/are back with the seller. 
If you miss the 4 day deadline or click the Confirm order button, the Buyer Protection will end, your order will be finalized and the payment will be automatically released to the seller.
  • If your item has been lost during transit, please contact us so we can investigate. If the item is indeed lost, we will cancel the order so you can be refunded.

Of course, if you're not quite happy with your item (e.g., it is not your style, or it does not fit quite the way you expected), you can always contact the seller to see if you can return it and get refunded. However, you will not be covered by Buyer Protection if the seller refuses. If the seller agrees to a return, please make sure that you lodge a return request within 4 days after the order was marked as "received", otherwise the order will be automatically finalized and the seller paid. This cannot be reversed.

What is refunded?

You’ll get a refund if your order was cancelled or if you returned the item to the seller. You will be refunded once the order is marked as cancelled on Vinted or once the seller confirms receipt of the returned package, depending on the situation. The refund includes:

  • the price of the item(s) returned/cancelled; 
  • the shipping fees you paid when you ordered the item(s); 
  • the variable part of the buyer protection fee (5% of the price of the item(s) returned/cancelled);
  • the fixed part of the buyer Protection fee ($1.10), if you had no other items in your shopping cart at the time of purchase or if your other orders are also returned/cancelled;
  • applicable taxes.

Note that we do not refund the following: 

  • shipping costs for returning the item(s) to the seller;
  • the cost of the envelope/packaging used to return the item(s).
If you’re returning an item from a bundle order, you’ll only receive the amount that the particular item was priced at when you made the purchase. Shipping costs and the fixed part of the buyer protection fees will not be refunded.

When will you receive the refund?

Your refund will be issued within 24 hours via the same payment method you used when purchasing.

  • If you paid with credit/debit card your refund will be deposited into your bank account within 5–10 business days.
  • If you paid with shopping credit, your refunded amount will be credited to your Vinted profile within 48 hours.
  • If you paid using a mix of the above methods, then you will be refunded the same way: the amount that was covered with your shopping credit will be transferred to your Vinted profile and the rest to your bank account.

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