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I ordered more than 5 days ago and my package still hasn’t shipped

If your package hasn't shipped after 5 working days, we'll automatically cancel your order and process your refund. We will however give up to 7 extra days to sellers who need to finalize their verification process (required for sellers only). If you do not want to wait these extra days, you can request a cancellation.

Cancellation requests can also be made when: 

  • The seller no longer wants to sell the item;
  • The seller is not active and doesn’t reply to your messages;
  • The item is counterfeit. 

In these cases, you must submit a cancellation request by going to Menu > My orders.

Once you’ve submitted the request, it will be sent to the seller. It’s important that you select the right reason and clearly explain why you want to cancel the order so that the seller can understand and respond accordingly.

The seller has 72 hours to approve or reject the request once it is submitted.

  • If the seller approves the request or doesn’t respond within 72 hours, the order will be automatically cancelled and you’ll be refunded. 
  • If the seller rejects the cancellation request, it will be forwarded to our support team to make a final decision. 

You can check the status of your cancellation request in "My orders".

If you received an item and it appears to be counterfeit or was not as described in the listing, you need submit a return request. Before submitting a return request, be sure to read about eligible returns and how the process works.

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