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Returning an item

Once your return request has been approved, you have 3 days to ship your item(s) back to the seller. You must pay the shipping costs. 

You can choose the shipping method you want, but we strongly recommend one with tracking to protect your return. Tracking allows all parties to keep an eye on the order and follow up as required. 

Please do not reuse the label the seller used to ship the order to you. The carrier will not be able to return it.

We’ll send you the return address provided by the seller, but it’s always best to confirm with them before shipping. We give you the seller’s home address by default. You can discuss other shipping options with the seller via chat.

Once the return request is confirmed, 

  • pack up the items you are sending back. You can re-use the original packaging but make sure you remove all previous labels to avoid confusion. 
  • If you choose tracked shipping, order the shipping label directly on the carrier's website and stick it on your parcel.
  • Drop the package off at the nearest service point or post office. 
  • Provide the seller with the tracking number via chat if you have one (which we strongly recommend).
  • Once the seller confirms receipt of the returned items, we’ll issue your refund.

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