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Tips to sell faster

We want you to be a successful seller on our platform. So we’ve gathered a few tips to help you sell your items as quickly as possible.

  1. Take good pictures
  2. Select the right section & category
  3. Confirm the item's condition 
  4. Follow other members
  5. Work with the seasons
  6. Make an offer to potential buyers

1. Take good pictures

Pictures are the first impression a member gets of your item. They entice buyers to view your listing and decide whether or not they’re interested in it. That’s why taking beautiful, clear and bright pictures is a must—and taking them in broad daylight is even better. 

You can add up to 10 pictures in a single listing. Read these tips to make sure you're choosing the best photos: 

  • Upload at least one picture of yourself or a friend wearing the item. This helps members assess whether the item will fit. 
  • Include photos of any defects. This prevents unpleasant surprises when the buyer opens the parcel, and reduces the likelihood that they’ll return it.

Make sure that the colours on the pictures are true to reality. Lighting can change the way a colour looks in a photo. Avoid using any filters or saturation adjustments in your photos.

2. Select the right section & category

Members must choose a section (Men, Women, Boys, Girls, Babies and Unisex) when shopping for an item. Your item is more likely to find interested buyers if it’s in the right section.

If you chose the wrong section, don't worry—you can edit any unsold item to get it in the right place. While you’re at it, check the listing’s category and subcategory. These vary by section and are critical for members who use filters to look for something specific.  

If your item could work for both genders, be sure to click the 'Unisex' toggle. When you do, twice as many members will be able to see the listing.

3. Confirm the item's condition 

There are 5 conditions to choose from: 

  • New with tags: Just like in the store. The tags are still attached and/or it’s packed in the original packaging. Never used and has no flaws.
  • New without tags: Brand new, but the tags or original packaging isn’t there. Never used and has no flaws.
  • Very good: Used a few times, but still looks great. It might have a few slight imperfections, which are clearly shown and mentioned in your listing.
  • Good: Used frequently and may have signs of wear, which are clearly shown and mentioned in your listing.
  • Satisfactory: Used a lot and has flaws, which are clearly shown and mentioned in your listing.

In addition to choosing an accurate condition, be sure to clearly indicate any defects in your photos, description and comments, as necessary. There’s no point in hiding missing buttons, discolouration or tears—if you do you may end up with a return request. 

All items must be cleaned before you send them to the buyer. 

4. Follow other members

Follow other members for inspiration and better visibility. 

  • You’ll be notified when someone you follow lists or edits items.
  • They’ll be notified when you start following them and will likely check out your closet. They may even follow you back. 

5. Work with the seasons

You can sell your items a lot faster when you list them during (or right before) the right season. 

Dig through your summer clothes in May and select the items you want to sell. Hold on to your winter coat until September, when buyers actually start to look for them. 

6. Make an offer to potential buyers

When a member adds your item to their favourites, why not make them a dedicated offer to buy your item at a discounted price? This might prompt them to purchase faster.  

You can send an offer to up to 20 buyers who have recently favourited your item. They then have 72 hours to accept or make you a counter-offer. If they don't respond within 72h, your offer will expire automatically.

Keep in mind though that your offer must be at least 10% lower than the listed price.

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