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Choosing a parcel type for your items

Small, medium or large? Choosing the right size isn't always easy. Here is some useful information to help you figure out which one to choose. It’s also a good idea to use a scale.

  • Small parcels for very small packages that usually fit in an envelope of less than 500g. This is a good option for small jewellery, tops and t-shirts, and lightweight dresses, for example. 
  • Medium parcels should be chosen when your item weighs between 500g and 1,5kg (1-2lb). This option is perfect for lightweight jackets, and shirts or jeans, for example.
  • Large parcels are for bigger and heavier items that weigh between 1,5kg and 3kg (2-6lb). You should select this option for items like coats, jackets or a pair of shoes. 
All parcel types include tracking.

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