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Contacting/replying to a buyer

The way you can contact the buyer depends on whether you have an order open with them.

How to contact a member about an item for sale

Members may contact you with questions before they buy your items. This reduces the risk of bad surprises later and can prompt you to specify details you may not have thought of (e.g., what fabric the items are made of, the exact length of a belt, measurements). 

  • Questions and answers are posted in the comments section of your item, located below the pictures and price. Private conversations are not available before the buyer makes their purchase. 
  • You can always edit your listings and add more pictures if that’s what people ask you in the comments section.
  • Feel free to invite members to check out your new listing by tagging them in the comments section (type the "@" symbol before their username). They’ll receive a notification.

If buyers want to negotiate the price, ask them to make you an offer by clicking the Make an offer button (right next to their Buy now button). Just remember to activate the option first. You'll then be able to accept, decline or make a counter-offer.

Alternatively, if buyers have recently favourited your item, you might be able to make them an offer to purchase your item at a discounted price. You don't need to activate anything first, simply:

  • Click on the list of buyers who favourited your item and select the ones you're looking for (up to 20 buyers); You can either make an offer to 1 buyer by clicking on Make offer next to their name, or to all buyers at once by clicking on Make offer to all.
  • Type in your proposed price then hit Send offer
  • The buyer(s) will then have 72 hours to accept or make you a counter-offer. Your offer will automatically expire if they do not respond within 72 hours.

Beware that the discount must be at least 10% off, and exclude shipping Buyer protection and taxes.

There’s no need to exchange personal information such as your email address, phone number, social media usernames, etc. We will not accept responsibility for any transactions made outside of our platform.

How to contact a buyer about an order

Once your item has been sold and the order created, you may need to contact the buyer to:

  • clarify the buyer's address or provide a tracking number
  • discuss a return request and provide them your address 
  • check the status of a shipment

Private chat between you and the buyer is available as soon as the order is created. Go to Menu > My Orders > Sold and click on the chat box icon in the bottom right corner of the item's picture.

You can also access chat through the order confirmation email we sent you. It should include a button that takes you straight into your private chat.

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