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Responding to a return request

If the buyer decides to submit a return request, you’ll be immediately notified on Vinted and via email. Remember that you have 72 hours to reply.

To access the return request, click on the link in the notification, or go to Menu > My orders > Sold and click on the corresponding order.

  • If you accept the request, the buyer will have 3 days to ship the item(s) back to you.
  • If you reject the request, it will be forwarded to our team for review. You must include as many details as possible about your reason for the rejection. If possible, you should also include pictures that prove the item was as described.
  • If you do not respond within the 72 hours, the request will be automatically approved.
When the return request involves a counterfeit item and is approved, your order will be cancelled and the buyer fully refunded. The item won’t be returned to you. Selling counterfeit items is forbidden and Vinted does not facilitate this practice. You can read our policy here.

Receiving the item(s) back

Once the return is approved, the buyer will be sent the address on your Vinted profile. Be sure to contact the buyer in the chat if your address has changed or if you would rather send the item to a service point. 

The shipping method and return fees are covered by the buyer, but feel free to ask if there’s a tracking number. 

Once you received your returned item(s), please confirm via Menu > My orders > Sold, and we will refund the buyer.

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