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Shipping with Canada Post

When the buyer pays for their item, they must select a shipping mode, and then cover the corresponding shipping costs. If they select Canada Post, you will need to purchase a shipping label and we will transfer the fees paid by the buyer as soon as the order is finalized.

As soon as the order is created: 

  • You’ll receive a confirmation email. Please then go to Menu > My orders > Sold to access the shipping instructions..
  • The first time you sell an item, you will need to:
    • complete the verification process, which includes providing your full name and date of birth (as shown on your ID), as well as your home address. 
    • provide your payment details. These will be used to pay you as soon as the buyer has received your item and finalized the order 
    • verify your email address (if you had not already done so).
You must complete the 3 verification steps above within 7 days after your first order has been created. Otherwise your order will be automatically cancelled and the buyer refunded
  • Once all steps above are done, you will be able to access your shipping instructions. To do so, go to your order, then click on Get shipping instructions. This will include the buyer's name and address, the type of label you need to purchase and the shipping fees already paid by the buyer.
  • Purchase the required label on the Canada Post's website. 
  • Print the label and stick it on your package before dropping off your package at the closest post office or service point (remember to use sturdy packaging
  • Come back to the order page and indicate that your item was shipped by clicking on Mark item as shipped.
  • You can then enter the tracking number so you and your buyer can both follow your item to its destination (optional). Please remember that the tracking status can take up to 24 hours to update.
  • As soon as the buyer has confirmed that they keep the items, we transfer the shipping fees paid by the buyer to your bank account, in addition to your revenue.
Once you can access the shipping instructions, you must ship the item within 5 working days, otherwise your order will be automatically cancelled and the buyer fully refunded. This can't be reversed.

Note: When providing your payment details, please keep in mind that:

  • Your payment details are made up of your bank's institution number (3 digit) and transit number (5 digits), as well as your bank account number (7-12 digits). 
  • These are often available on your bank statements, at the bottom of your personal cheques or on your bank’s online portal. You can also contact your bank directly.
  • And don't worry, these will not be stored on Vinted or visible to others, we will simply transfer them directly to our payment provider Stripe. You can read their Privacy policy for more information on how your personal data is processed by Stripe

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