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Beware of scammers

Keeping your data safe is our top priority. We encourage you to help us by taking the necessary precautions to keep your personal information safe.

Please do not share personal information (emails, social network IDs, etc.) on the platform with other users, especially in the comment sections which are always public. We only provide sellers with your real name and/or delivery address—and only after you purchase an item from them.

Our safety team is responsible for detecting scammers and items that don’t meet our conditions. Our team proactively reduces the chance of a bad purchase. However, you still may encounter some misbehaving members. Some red flags to look out for: 

  • Someone asks you to share your bank account info, credit card number, PayPal account or other personal details with them.
  • A seller asks you to send cash by mail or to transfer money directly into their bank account.
  • A user asks you to pay through a third-party payment service.

Most scammers start by asking members to send information (such as additional pictures) to their email address or cell phone. You shouldn’t respond to these requests; we urge you to always keep communication and transactions with other members within Vinted.

When in doubt, contact our support team. They’ll help solve the issue quickly.

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