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Activating location search

Want to buy items and get them right away? With the location search and meet-up option, you can search and buy items near you, then pick them up directly from the seller. It’s a great way to avoid shipping costs and there’s no risk of your items getting delayed.

Sound good? Go to filters and search the “Near you” option. 

The first time you select this filter, you’ll be asked to set your location of reference. This may be your work or home address—we base the search on the location you provide. You can either:

  • Allow Vinted to access your current location while you are using the app (this can be disabled at any time through your phone’s settings). 
  • Set a fixed address of reference. Your default address is automatically selected, but you can choose one of your listed addresses or add a new one.

Once you’re happy with your location of reference, you can start searching with the "Near you" filter. Your location of reference and "Meet-up range" will be displayed at the top of the feed. 

Just click to edit them whenever you want.

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