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Contacting a seller

Do you need to talk to a seller about an item you’re interested in? Then this section is for you. 

The way you can contact sellers depends on whether:

How to contact a seller about an item for sale

We strongly recommend that you contact sellers to ask about their item(s). It’s a great way to find out about defects that may not be clear from the photos, exact measurements or anything else you’re unsure of.

However, you cannot message a seller privately. All questions must be posted in the listing’s comments section located under the photos and price; the comments are visible to all members. Sellers can keep in touch with potential buyers there.

This gives all members a chance to see the additional information and prevents the seller from having to repeat themselves too often.

You can also use the comments section to invite other members to check out the item. Simply tag them by typing the "@" symbol before their name and they’ll receive a notification.

If you want to negotiate and the seller has this option activated, you can make your offer by clicking the "Make an offer" button next to the "Buy now" button. The seller will receive your offer and can accept or reject it. 

Since sellers can answer your questions in the comments section and add photos to their listing, including copies of their receipt or authenticity certificate, there is no need to exchange personal information such as email, phone number, social media username, etc. Vinted will not accept responsibility for any transactions made outside of our platform.

How to contact a seller about your order

After you buy an item and your order is created, you may still want to contact the seller. For example:

  • You need to clarify your address
  • Your return request has been approved and you need to get the shipping details from the seller
  • Your order hasn’t arrived after the estimated shipping time has passed

As soon as an item is purchased, you’ll be able to contact the seller via private chat to discuss the order.

You can access the chat in Menu > My Orders > Bought. Click on the chat box icon at the bottom right corner of the item's picture.

You can also access chat from your order confirmation email. The email contains a button that takes you straight to your private chat.

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