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Using the meet-up option

This option lets you pick up your package directly from the seller. 

It’s only available when the seller lives within a 10 km radius of your set address and has this method enabled. 

You won't have to pay any shipping costs when you select this method, but you will need to activate it in your account (go to Menu > Settings > Shipping methods). You still need to purchase the item through our platform.

When enabled, you’ll see the items that are available for purchase with the meet-up option. You can select the meet-up option at checkout. Once the order is placed, you can chat with the seller to agree on a place and time to meet.

Be aware that you have 5 working days to retrieve your package, otherwise we'll automatically cancel your order and process your refund. We will however give up to 7 extra days to sellers who first need to finalize their verification process (required for sellers only).

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