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What can be returned

Once the order is marked as 'delivered', buyers have 4 days to confirm whether they want to keep it or submit a return request. Return requests are sent to the seller who can either accept or reject it. If rejected, the request will be forwarded to our support team to make a final decision. 

The request will be accepted by our team if:

  • the item does not match the photos or the description
  • the item is broken/damaged
  • the item's size is different than the one indicated in the listing
  • the item's size is not available (e.g., doesn’t have a label) and this was not disclosed in the listing
  • the item is counterfeit
If your item is counterfeit, the order will be cancelled by our support team. Selling counterfeit items is forbidden by law and may have legal repercussions. This practice goes against Vinted’s Rules. You can read our policy here.

Return requests will be rejected if the item matches the description but doesn’t fit, or if the buyer simply changed their mind. 

In these cases, we recommend that buyers upload the item to their closet and resell it. If they liked it, chances are someone else will, too!

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