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Managing offers

You can let buyers make offers on your listings. They can offer an amount that’s different from the one listed, which you can either accept or reject.

You can also receive bundle offers of 2 or more of your items at any time. Please note that anyone can make a bundle offer and this option can’t be deactivated.

Proposing a counter-offer

Whenever you receive an offer from a potential buyer, you can always make a counter-offer. The buyer can then accept or make another counter-offer. 

If you aren’t interested, just ignore the offer. It will expire after 72 hours if you don’t respond. 

If the buyer doesn’t pay for the offer you accepted

When an offer is accepted, items are placed in the buyer's cart and marked as “sold” in your closet. The order and shipping instructions will be created when the payment is finalized. Our system will automatically calculate the shipping cost for bundles at checkout and generate a shipping label.

If the buyer doesn’t pay for the accepted offer within 48 hours, you can cancel the offer. This will automatically put your item(s) back up for sale.

Contacting the potential buyer

Private chat is not available until the purchase is finalized by the buyer and the order is created. You can always keep in touch via the item’s comments section before then.

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