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Verifying your identity

Our goal is to keep you safe and build trust in our community. This is why we work with a legitimate payment service provider, Stripe. Stripe may collect additional data about you to perform a ‘Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure.

What is KYC?

Know Your Customer is a user verification procedure. By using KYC, our payment provider ensures that payments on Vinted:

  • Comply with legal requirements
  • Meet payment security standards

Simply put, you may be asked to confirm that it’s really you receiving the payment. This helps ensure that nobody else can use your money while pretending to be you. It also allows us to process your current and upcoming payments.

What do I need to do?

You will be asked to complete this verification process as soon as you've made your first sale. This will involve providing:

  • Your full name and date of birth (as shown on your ID documents), 
  • Your home address. The postal code provided when you listed your items will already be pre-filled.

You can decide to complete the verification process as soon as your items are listed and available for sale. . 

To do so, go to your closet and click on Complete verification, or you can go to My account in Settings. 

Stripe will then collect your bank information when you make your first sale so they can pay you out as soon as the buyer has received and confirmed the order.

Just make sure that you complete the verification process, add your bank information and verify your email within 7 days after your first order has been created, otherwise your order will be automatically cancelled and the buyer refunded.

Note: Stripe may trigger additional ID document verification (ID card, passport, etc.) based on their internal ruleset and (local) anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing regulations. When this requirement is triggered, we can no longer transfer any revenue from your sales to your bank account until you complete your identity verification. So make sure you provide a copy of your ID document as soon as possible to continue selling. Don't worry, we don't save any ID document in our system. They go directly to Stripe, where they handle the information securely.

Once the photo ID verification is successful, your payments will be processed.

For more information on how Stripe handles your data, please read their privacy policy. You can also check out our Privacy policy about what data is stored by Vinted and how we secure it.

As per our Terms & Conditions, minors are allowed to register on and use our platform only under the supervision and agreement from their parent or legal guardian (adult). So if you are still a minor, please make sure your parent or legal guardian is the one completing the verification process.

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