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UPS and Purolator at $2.99 till 30 June!

From 2022-04-01 until 2022-06-30, take advantage of reduced prices on deliveries to service points across Canada, and pay only $2.99 when shipping with UPS and Purolator. 

How to enjoy this deal? 

As a buyer, just add the items you like to your cart, then:

  • go to your cart and select UPS or Purolator as a shipping method
  • confirm your billing address and select the service point closest to you
  • proceed to payment, the $2.99 shipping price will automatically apply.
If you have items from multiple sellers in your cart, you will pay $2.99 for shipping from each seller.

Does it still work if I buy multiple items from the same seller?

Yes it does. Whatever the size of your package, you will pay only $2.99 when shipping with UPS or Purolator. You must however buy all items at the same time. If you forget one and need to create a new order, you’ll be asked to pay $2.99 again. We will not refund the additional fees.

If you’re a seller, make sure you activate UPS and/or Purolator so your buyers can select them when purchasing your items. Having these shipping providers activated might increase your chances of selling faster.

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