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I can't save my payment details

The first time you sell an item on Vinted, you need to provide your payment details, complete the verification process and verify your email address (if it's not already done) before you can access the shipping instructions (Canada Post shipments), or your shipping label (for UPS or Purolator shipment). You will not be able to ship any order until all steps are done.

If you can't finalise the payment details step, it could be that some of the information provided is incorrect:

  • Your transit number (5 digits) and institution number (3 digits) indicate which bank holds your account. These numbers are usually on the bottom left corner of your personal cheques. If your transit number is only 4 digits long, simply put a zero in front of it.
  • Your bank account number is 7-12 digits long, depending on your bank. It is located on the bottom right corner of your personal cheques, right after the institution and transit numbers. 

Beware that the position of these numbers on a cheque can vary, so don't hesitate to contact your bank if you're unsure. And if you don't have personal cheques, your payment details should also be on your bank statements, or your bank’s online portal. 

As soon as you've provided your payment details and completed the other 2 steps, you're ready to ship your orders. Remember though that you usually have 5 days to ship your items, so please make sure you provide the above information as soon as possible, or your order will be automatically cancelled after 7 days.

Your payment details are only used to pay you as soon as buyers have received your items and finalized the orders. These will not be stored on Vinted or visible to others, we transfer them directly to our payment provider, Stripe. For more information on how your personal data is processed by Stripe, see their Privacy Policy. You can also check out our Privacy policy to know more about what data is stored on Vinted and how we protect it.

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