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Packing an item

Before dropping off a sold item, you’ll have to ensure that it’s properly packed and can be safely transferred to the buyer:

  • Use sturdy packaging: it’s best to use outer packaging that is sturdy and strong, ideally a cardboard box.
  • Choose a fitting parcel size: it should fit the item’s size and shape. Don’t use a shoebox for a pair of mittens. Also make sure it is not heavier than the package type you selected when listing your item or you may incur additional shipping cost. These will not be refunded.
  • Secure fragile items: they shouldn’t move around inside the parcel. Fill the empty spaces with bubble wrap, foam, peanuts, or paper. The fragile parts shouldn’t be touching the outer packaging.
  • Protect from dirt and dampness: a reusable or recycled plastic bag will protect the item from dirt or dampness during the transit.
  • Attach the shipping label properly: the label and, especially, the barcode should be stuck on a flat surface.  Sticky tape should not cover the barcode, even if it’s transparent. Remove the old labels if any are attached (e.g. if you’re returning an item). This will prevent various shipping issues.
If the item is damaged in transit because of inappropriate packaging, we may have to cancel the order and refund the buyer (as stated in our Refund Policy).

Good to know:

  • Certain heavy items aren’t shipped by carriers that issue shipping labels. Find more info in our guide to selecting package type.
  • All shipping options and prices available to buyers will be clearly shown at checkout. They may vary depending on the parcel type and on the seller’s location.
  • Most buyers will appreciate a personal touch to the package (such as a thank you card).

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