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I have not received the shipping label

When you press Get your shipping label, the label is usually generated in a few moments. Once it is, you receive it via email. You can also download it directly to your device via the order page (in Menu > My orders > Sold).

If you can’t get the shipping label:

  • Try both checking your email, and downloading the label via the order page.
  • See if you've entered the correct email address in your profile settings. If not, you can change your email address.
  • Check your Spam or Junk folder, or use the search function of your mailbox to find messages from
  • Try downloading the shipping label using a different device (e.g. laptop or smartphone).
  • Wait a couple of hours and then try again.

Still not working?

Shipping label may not generate if the buyer’s chosen service point is temporarily closed.

If you can’t get the label repeatedly even after waiting a few hours or days, you can lodge a cancellation request for the order (inform the buyer about it so they can accept your request right away) and re-upload the item. The buyer will be refunded and can then buy your item again, using a different service point.

Remember that you have 5 working days to get the shipping label and ship the item, otherwise your order will be automatically cancelled and the buyer fully refunded. 

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