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Sales taxes on Vinted: info for sellers

As an online marketplace operating in Canada, Vinted is required by law to collect and remit sales tax to the relevant Canadian authorities.

When does sales tax apply?

Where applicable, the buyer will have to pay the sales tax when buying an item on Vinted. The sales tax may apply to the purchase of the item itself, as well as on shipping and our Buyer protection services.

At checkout, the sales tax will be added on top of the buyer’s order value. So, the sales tax will increase the total price for the buyer. It won’t impact your earnings.

What is the sales tax rate?

We calculate the sales tax rate automatically, and it depends on many factors. These include the item type and price, drop-off and delivery locations, and others.

For this reason, we will ask you for your postal code when you list your first item. You’ll only have to enter it once. If it ever changes, don’t forget to update your home address.

What are my obligations as a seller?

Sales tax will form a part of the total price paid by the buyer. We’ll calculate, collect and remit it to the respective authorities without bothering you. 

If you’re interested in your sales tax obligations, such as any registration and filing requirements that may apply, we suggest you to:

  • Review the guidelines prepared by the Canada Revenue Agency or your province's tax authority
  • Consult with a local tax professional

Please remember however that, as per the Catalog Rules, you're responsible for providing accurate information on your listings, which may be used to determine the relevant tax rate. If you repeatedly list items with incorrect or misleading information, we may have no choice but to block your account.

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